READY! product database and activity tracking

Our medicinal product database (RIMS) has been configured with a focus on pharmaceutical companies managing product information, activities, and related documents, in both EU and non-EU countries.

The web user interface supports collaboration among various departments or geographic locations.

READY! medicinal product database configuration is a web-based, innovative Regulatory Information Management system (RIMS) handling your organisation’s critical data in a single reference source.

READY! product database (RIMS) configuration provides:

  • Regulatory database storing information about human and veterinary medicinal products, APIs and medical devices.
  • Support for EU and non-EU regulatory procedures
  • Tracking of activities
  • Tracking of important dates and deadlines
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines and sending alerts via email
  • Document workflow and approval
  • Archiving important documents (MAs, commitments, SmPCs, PILs, etc.)
  • Archiving submissions in various formats, including eCTD and NeeS
  • Article 57 submissions
  • Organisations management
    • Manufactures (APIs, finished, intermediates, packaging, batch releasers)
    • Partners (co-development, in-licensing, out-licensing, etc.)
    • Distributors
  • Packaging info & storage conditions
  • Additional custom data

READY! is based on ISO IDMP standards and SPOR controlled vocabularies.

It can be easily configured to meet your specific company requirements.

With our regulatory database configuration your can efficiently plan, track, and monitor all activities and tasks in various departments. Automatic reminders and email alerts help users focus on their daily work and never miss deadlines.

READY! is a replacement for all those Excel spreadsheets that you are using across your company.

Using READY! is simple and users like it.