Why READY! ?

READY! is based around the idea that companies need updated, current information about their products in all of their iterations.

The biggest problem companies face today is how to manage the current information about their products, plus manage all of the changes.

READY! has been developed to meet specific needs of management of structured (IDMP medicinal product information) and unstructured information (documents, forms, records) in pharma industry.

READY! is a secure web-based solution that enables collaboration and reuse of the same information across the enterprise.

READY! is configurable and enables quick implementation of any process in validated environment. The implementation of READY! is based on process templates.

This approach lowers the cost of installation, validation, and maintenance of such system in medium sized and large pharmaceutical companies.

For example, regulatory affairs specific configuration of READY! serves as a complete RIMS system that enables tracking and reporting capabilities over the complete regulatory lifecycle of medicinal product base on SPOR data.

Another example is management of ePI documents.

READY! has been designed and developed to meet stringent regulatory and technical requirements that are regulated by the international standards, standardisation bodies and rules and regulations of regulatory bodies including 21 CFR part 11 requirements for validation of computer systems.

Our clients report an estimated 20% increase in overall efficiency using READY!. They can dedicate time to scientific work instead of populating Excel spreadsheets and manually creating reports. This can be translated into 20% more scientific work done, and measured in the salaries of an additional 20% people.

Investment into READY! returns in less than one year!

READY! is being used by the industry and regulators since 2012.


READY! stands for REgulated Affairs DiarY.

READY! comprises various configurations of the same software platform:

The complexity of managing information is simply reduced to a configuration a business process.

The user interface is web-based and users simply like it.

READY! is:

  • Web-based
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports remote work and can be used on many locations including home
  • Makes tracking, planning, and reporting automatic
  • Creates automatic alerts for important dates
  • Information can always be exported to Excel
  • No installation is needed on local computers

Our innovative approach in the design of READY! translates into more work done with less stress.

Instead of useless time spent populating Excel worksheets, the professionals can focus on scientific work.