NeeS TOC Builder

The NeeS TOC Builder is used to create Tables of Content (TOC) for electronic submissions in the NeeS format.

NeeS TOC Builder Order Form

NeeS TOC Builder is very easy to install and use. Users simply like it.

Nanokinetik will maintain future releases of NeeS TOC Builder to be fully in line with the latest requirements.

It creates a series of TOCs for a NeeS dossier within seconds. 
The result is a structure in PDF format according to the current NeeS specifications, and which passes all validation criteria (NeeS P/F and best practice criteria, including ‘inherit zoom’ and ‘fast web viewable’).

Individual user license price: 300 EUR per year. (VAT is not included).




Questions and Answers: NeeS TOC Builder
White paper: NeeS TOC Builder White paper




Recently, we have tried the evaluation version of the NeeS TOC Builder. We think it is a very convenient and simple-to-use tool.
A year has passed and we are very happy with the ToC-builder provided by Nanokinetik.
Coming back to the NeeS TOC Builder, we have used the app and are quite happy with it.
Dear Nanokinetik Team, We have tried the Nees TOC-builder, and it is very convenient to use.
We have installed and used your toc builder product with great success.
I have tested your TOC builder and found it very user-friendly.
Hello Nanokinetik! Our client is very happy with the software and would like to order two additional licenses.
You may recall almost a year ago that I contacted you to obtain your NeeS TOC Builder product. Since then we have all found the product very easy to use and have been pleased with its reliability.