Looking for an ISO IDMP solution?

READY! Regulated Information Management System (RIMS)

READY! is a web-based company wide solution which enables pharmaceutical companies to manage their medicinal product information and documents in one validated environment.

READY! is based on ISO IDMP standards and SPOR master data, acts a single source of accurate product information, and is being used across the whole company in all functions.

READY! is easy to use. Users simply like it.



25 Jan 2017: 10th Pharmacovigilance Conference, London
25 Jan 2017: Telematics Pre-conference Workshop, London
26-27 Jan 2017: 16th Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference, London

If you are looking for a good regulatory affairs conference on hot topics affecting the generic medicines industry, we recommend Medicines for Europe’s 16th Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference in London (January 26-27). Last year More than 60 representatives from the competent authorities attended the conference. See the video of some key speakers RSAC conference 2016.

For 2017 edition , you can find all the information here: http://www.medicinesforeurope.com/events/rac17/. There is also a SPECIAL SESSION: “Put your questions to the Regulators” which gives an opportunity to address questions to European Regulators on various regulatory issues. You may also attend  pre-conference Telematics Workshop dedicated to ISO IDMP.